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In our first Episode from the D23 Expo Melony and Steph join us from  We cover the Sorcerer Package preview and Media preview plus a John Lasseter sighting.   Recorded at Trader Sams 

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This week we talk D23 Expo and Disnet Springs updates and we toss in some packing tips.  Join us for some fun and info! 

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In this seriously over caffinated update we go over the TON of information we have so far for the D23 Expo 2015.  We give a ton of shout outs and talk about all of the Amazingness awaiting us at the D23 Expo 2015.

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This week we talk all about the changes racing through Disney Hollywood Studios as it draws further into the rumored update into Disney's Hollywood Adventure.  Please join us!   

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This week we talk Trader Sam's Grog Grotto, Star War's in Disney Infinity 3.0, Rebels: the Siege of Lothol, Selfie Stick bans and more!  Please join us!

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This week we talk about our time at the 24 hour kick off to the Coolest Summer Ever, the latest from Star Wars Weekends and we learn Bill REALLY loved Tomorrowland!  

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In this Episode we talk Star Wars Weekends and Star Wars Celebration with Melony and Steph Lauzon AKA The MousewardBounds.  We recap Celebration and Star Wars Weekends past and future. We were thrilled to have 2 really good friends join us as our very first guests!  

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This week we go off Park to International Drive for a review of the Orlando Eye, talking about Nick walking on the Eye and the new attractions.  We review the NEW MARVEL store at Down Town Disney. Also ParkTalk goes to the Movies.  Guess what we saw?

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In this episode we learn that Diane and Bill REALLY love Star Wars, they review the new Trailer and talk about the news from Star Wars Celebration (which the did not attend).  Also covered is the first Disney Cruise Line meetup and big news of 3 new entertainment offerings on the ships.  We also learn that they have a worrying Periscope habit and how you can benefit from it.

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In this episode we talk a little about us and a lot about the foodie fun of #FreshEPCOT at the Flower and Garden Festival! We also talk about some of the adult beverages available at the festival. The very best part of spring at Disney.

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